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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Baroque Trumpet Certificate

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The Undergraduate Certificate in Baroque Trumpet develops performance and interpretation skills for the natural trumpet. The Baroque Trumpet is a valveless ancestor of the modern valved trumpet. It reached its zenith during the Baroque era, and today is once again becoming an important instrument in the fields of music performance, musicology, and music education. Already in many parts of Europe, it is expected that performances of music written prior to the 19th century be played on the valveless natural (“Baroque”) trumpet, and this is now a growing field in the United States. Students will examine the stylistic aspects of Baroque music through (a) study of primary sources from the Baroque era; (b) study of prominent secondary sources on Baroque interpretation; and (c) preparation and performance of music from the Baroque era on the natural trumpet. This certificate may earned concurrently with an undergraduate degree, as an additional (second) program of study if the student is a current degree seeking student or a postbaccalaureate student. This certificate may earned as the primary (first) program of study ONLY if the student is non-degree seeking or is a postbaccalaureate student who is not pursuing any other credential.

Requirements for Admission

  • Students must audition for admission into the UK School of Music and be accepted;
  • students must audition for Faculty Director on the Baroque trumpet; and
  • students must own a Baroque trumpet.

The curriculum for the Undergraduate Certificate in Baroque Trumpet consists of 15 credit hours as follows:

Certificate Requirements

*Students must complete a public jury performance each semester they are enrolled in MUP 322  or MUP 422 .

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