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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Services and Activities

Dean of Students Office

The University of Kentucky Dean of Students Office provides both administrative and educational services that support the personal and academic success of students. The office provides extracurricular, non-academic educational programs and also collaborates with academic units to provide support for students in reaching their educational goals.

Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct is committed to promoting a safe, healthy, student-centered, and inclusive community where students can learn, grow, and develop as they pursue their academic endeavors at the University of Kentucky. The goals of the student conduct system are to:

  • Promote personal responsibility and peer accountability.
  • Encourage students to consider the impact of their actions on themselves, their peers, and the greater community.
  • Empower students to address any conflict that may arise in a safe, respectful, and socially conscious manner.
  • Collaborate with faculty, staff, students, and the campus community with regard to student conduct matters.
  • Educate the campus community about student rights and responsibilities related to the University Code of Student Conduct.

The Code of Student Conduct (“the Code”) at the University of Kentucky is established to promote and protect the core mission and values of the University. By maintaining the Code, the University affirms the rights, protections, and expectations of students regarding their behavior as members of the University community. Students enrolled at the University of Kentucky are expected to conduct themselves according to federal, state, and local laws, and promote an educational environment that supports the University’s mission and values. When incidents of potential misconduct occur, students are afforded a fair, educational, and consistent student conduct process. The student conduct process is designed to be a learning experience that facilitates responsible conduct and positive citizenship among the University and greater community. For further information about the student conduct process, visit: www.uky.edu/studentconduct.

Community of Concern

University of Kentucky’s Community of Concern was established in 2011 to provide support for students and employees in crisis, or those who have been identified as exhibiting concerning or worrisome behavior. Our office works closely with campus resources to provide early intervention for students who may be struggling personally, or whose behavior has led others to be concerned for their well-being. CoC is also the central hub to address students’ immediate basic food and housing needs. Our Case Managers meet with students to provide connection and access to resources, create action plans for success, and monitor student progress. For more information, visit the COC website at: www.uky.edu/concern/.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Fraternity men and sorority women have been part of the long-standing tradition at the University of Kentucky since the first fraternity was established in 1893. The Fraternity and Sorority Life Office includes professional fraternity and sorority advisors with more than 50 years of combined experience working with fraternal organizations. Fraternity and Sorority Life is a part of the Dean of Students Office and works collaboratively with other departments in the Division of Student and Academic Life to promote the success of organizations and students through education, guidance and advocacy. The professional staff advisors work in partnership with a team of fraternal housing coordinators who support facilities and large community projects. Each member of the staff also supports the governing councils and chapters in all areas of fraternity and sorority operations including membership education, leadership, community service, university involvement, finance, recruitment, scholarship, personal growth and accountability. They work collaboratively with council officers, members and chapter officers, as well as chapter advisors, alumni corporations and inter/national organization volunteers and staff.

The governing bodies for Fraternity and Sorority Life are the Interfraternity Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, Panhellenic Council, and United Greek Council, comprised of representatives from each group on campus.

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body for many of the men’s fraternities at the University of Kentucky. IFC host a structured primary recruitment process each semester so interested candidates can meet all of the organizations housed within this council. The IFC is currently the only council with a GPA requirement to participate in recruitment activities: a 2.7 (on a 4.0 unweighted scale, per University of Kentucky’s determination) high school GPA or a 2.5 college GPA for returning students and transfer students with at least 12 credit hours. Men interested in participating in recruitment must register and pay a fee.

The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) at the University of Kentucky is the coordinating body of the active historically black fraternities and sororities. NPHC organizations take new members into their organizations through a process called membership intake. This process is organized by each chapter individually and includes the selection of candidates, education about the organization and culminates with initiation and full membership in the organization. Students interested in joining any of the NPHC organizations must complete NPHC 101 - an in-person educational program organized by the council each semester to provide interested students with more information about each chapter’s history and membership expectations.

The Panhellenic Council is the governing body for the 14 National Panhellenic Conference sororities. Panhellenic hosts a primary recruitment process each fall semester to build relationships between chapter members and potential new members, discover shared interests and values among chapter members and potential new members and display the high standards held by all NPC member organizations. Women interested in participating must register and pay a fee.

The United Greek Council (UGC) at the University of Kentucky is the governing council for special-interest and culturally-based fraternities and sororities. Fraternities and sororities within the United Greek Council individually coordinate their recruitment processes by chapter. Culturally-based organizations will conduct membership intake and special-interest organizations will host a primary recruitment opportunity. To provide a centralized location to learn about all the organizations within UGC, the council hosts an open house event within the first few weeks of classes each semester.

The Fraternity and Sorority Life Office is in 518 Patterson Office Tower. For more information about each of our chapters, our governing councils, or recruitment and intake processes, call 859-257-3151 or visit www.uky.edu/greeklife/.


The OrgSync online platform provides an easy way to connect with more than 500 student organizations. Visit www.orgsync.com and use your LinkBlue ID and password to sign in.

Volunteer Match

This online platform will help you find volunteer opportunities in your local and/ or the Lexington community. You can also track your service hours here. Visit uky.volunteermatch.org and volunteer.

The Office of Student Involvement connects students to their passions and strengths, as well as, providing leadership development that help students build and enhance the skills employers are looking for. Not only will students build lifelong friendships by getting involved, they also build a better future! For more information about student organizations and campus activities, contact the Office of Student Involvement, third floor of Blazer Dining, 859-257-8867, follow us on Twitter at: @ukgetinvolved, or visit getinvolved.uky.edu.

Center for Community Outreach

The UK Center for Community Outreach (UK CCO) is the largest student-run organization on campus, as well as the university’s volunteer office. By living their motto “Do Good. Start Here.” on a daily basis, the UK CCO organizes strong, direct service events and educational events for both the UK campus and the Lexington community.

Opportunities for community engagement include individual and group projects in the areas of hunger and homelessness, animal welfare, children and education, local empowerment, elderly companionship, global issues, and rural poverty. Service events range from one-day events, like FUSION, the largest one-day service project in Kentucky, to regular volunteering through UK Service Corps, to year-long fundraising efforts through DanceBlue, to two week service-immersion experiences through UK Alternative Service Breaks. Other programs in the UK CCO include Big Blue Pantry, UK Mountain Cats, National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (NHHAW), Martin Luther King, Jr. Wildcats for Service, Young at Heart, Beyond the Blue, and Promoting Animal Welfare and Services (PAWS). Each program has its own specific social justice issue and extended leadership teams that provide multiple leadership opportunities to students.

Students who are interested in volunteering with the UK CCO can attend the yearly Volunteer Fair, held at the beginning of the fall semester. Or, log on to uky.volunteermatch.org to access volunteer opportunities posted by the UK CCO or other local organizations. Students can also find the UK CCO online at https://getinvolved.uky.edu/center-community-outreach, email volunteer@ukcco.org. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @ukcco. Or stop by our office in 361 Blazer Dining between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M.

Student and Academic Life

UK Parent and Family Association

The UK Parent and Family Association (UKPFA) believes that student success is enhanced by well-informed parents and families. The UKPFA invites all parents and families of UK undergraduate students to join its free membership. Members receive the Cat Chat email newsletter two to three times a month during the academic year. The UKPFA coordinates events for students and families during K Week and Family Weekend. The staff members are happy to assist parents and family members with questions and concerns related to their students and UK. For more information on the Parent and Family Association, including how to join, visit: www.uky.edu/parents.

K Week

New students ease their transition to campus life through participation in K Week, the second step in the orientation process to UK. This welcome week begins before fall classes start and offers a variety of academic, informational, and social programs and activities. Some events, such as the New Student Induction Ceremony and college meetings, familiarize students with University community expectations and opportunities. Other activities, such as Big Blue U, K Team meetings, and Campus Ruckus, give students the opportunity to meet new people and become engaged with campus life. Students receive detailed information about K Week during the summer, and all new students are expected to attend. K Week includes special programming for transfer students as well.

For more information, visit www.uky.edu/KWeek or download the UK Guides mobile app. Contact the K Week team in the Office of Student Transitions and Family Programs, 230 McVey Hall, 859-257-6597.

Off-Campus Student Advising

Off-Campus Student Services (OCSA) fosters and enhances the off-campus student experience through education, advocacy, and involvement. The off-campus advisor helps students strengthen their connection to campus and navigate obstacles that emerge from living off campus. Off-Campus Student Advising works directly with students and their academic advisors while also collaborating with other campus offices (e.g., Division of Student and Academic Life, Enrollment Management, International Center, and Office for Institutional Diversity) to provide the best resources to promote the success of off-campus students at UK. Contact Off-Campus Student Advising in the Office of Student Transitions and Family Programs, 230 McVey Hall, 859-257-6597.

First-Generation Student Advising

First-Generation Student Advising supports first-generation students (neither parent or guardian has a four-year degree) at the University of Kentucky from recruitment to graduation through research-based programs, resources, best practices, and campus-wide advocacy about the needs of students who are the first in their families to go to college. Advisors advocate for first-generation students within their colleges and collaborate with other campus offices (e.g., Division of Student and Academic Life, Enrollment Management, International Center, and Office for Institutional Diversity) to provide the best resources to promote the success of first-generation students at UK. Contact First-Generation Student Advising in the Office of Student Transitions and Family Programs, 230 McVey Hall, 859-257-6597.

Religious Affairs

While the University does not directly sponsor religious activities, it both welcomes and supports the diverse religious traditions and organizations on campus. A member of the Dean of Students staff assists religious groups through the Religious Advisors Staff, an organization of campus ministers and religion-based student organizations. Information about the different Religious Advisors Staff groups is available at: www.ukfaith.org. A list of student religious organizations is available at: http://www.ukfaith.org/getinvolved.

For additional information, to contact the University Liaison, Office of Student Involvement, Blazer Dining, 859-257-3110.

Disability Resource Center

The mission of the Disability Resource Center is to provide and coordinate services that will allow students with disabilities equal access to the University’s educational, social, and cultural opportunities. Services are tailored to meet the needs of individual students based on their specific functional abilities and are designed to assist students in developing the skills necessary to advocate for their individual learning and living needs. The services provided through the Disability Resource Center include, but are not limited to, determining needed accommodations, consulting with students regarding compensatory strategies, coordinating student services, assisting with campus and housing accommodation arrangements, and providing information about other available campus resources that may be of benefit to the student with a disability. The office registers all on-campus support animals. The Disability Resource Center also works with academic departments to provide accommodated testing on an as needed basis.

Students with permanent disabilities include individuals with physical conditions, medical and chronic health disorders, learning disabilities, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), communication disorders, and other neurological or psychological disorders (i.e., seizure disorders, migraines, depression or anxiety disorders, brain injuries, etc.). Students with temporary disabilities include those who are recovering from surgery or who are being treated for temporary medical conditions (sprained ankle, broken leg, etc.).

In order to receive accommodations, students with disabilities are required to self-identify by registering with the Disability Resource Center. All students requesting accommodations must provide current documentation of their disability and the need for accommodations before services can be provided. This will usually be in the form of a medical statement or report, or a psychological evaluation, or other related assessment from a qualified professional in the relevant field (such as a medical doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.). For further information about documentation guidelines, please check our website at: www.uky.edu/DisabilityResourceCenter/. Eligibility for accommodations is based on proof of the disability and the need for accommodations.

Students are encouraged to contact the Disability Resource Center to set up an appointment or obtain further information.

University Health Service

University Health Service (UHS) offers confidential, affordable and accessible health care for students. UHS has physicians who are board certified in family practice, internal medicine, emergency medicine, psychiatry, med-peds, occupational medicine, and sports medicine. Additionally, our nurse practitioners have certification in family medicine, women’s health, and psychiatry.


The health fee is your ticket to access UK’s University Health Service. The health fee is one of the mandatory fees assessed to full-time students. Part-time and BCTC students may opt into the health fee or be seen on a fee-for-service basis. For details and deadlines, visit: http://ukhealthcare.uky.edu/uhs/.

Health Fee vs. Optional Health Coverage Plan

The health fee is not intended to replace health insurance. Students should have health insurance coverage for issues beyond the health fee such as diagnostic testing (X-rays, most laboratory tests), hospitalization, surgical procedures, specialist referrals, and prescriptions.

Student Health Plan

UK offers a school-sponsored student health insurance plan which is customized to work with the care provided by UHS/UK HealthCare and cover the additional items mentioned above.

UK has on-campus insurance coordinators to educate students about the plan and to help students become effective consumers of insurance and health care. For more information, email: StudentHealthPlan@email.uky.edu; or call our insurance coordinator at 859-218-3208.

Clinic Services

Unlimited office visits and/or telehealth visits for:

  • Injury or illness
  • Allergy injections
  • Well-patient physical exams
  • GYN/GU and Transform Health Clinic
  • Observation room care
  • Phone information nurse
  • On-call physician for emergencies after hours
  • Limited medications
  • Behavioral Health office visits
  • Eating disorders treatment team
  • Health and education wellness services:
    • Nutrition counseling
    • Tobacco treatment counseling
    • Sexual health education session

Campus Wellness Outreach

  • Health education and wellness staff
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Student peer health educators
  • Information and resources about nutrition, quitting tobacco, sexual health and much more
  • Health and wellness programs such as:
    • Biometric Health Screening (iCheck)
    • Flu Shot Clinics
    • Free Monthly HIV Testing Clinics
    • iQuit Tobacco Treatment Coaching Program
    • Love Your Selfie Week
    • Less Stress More Success Week
    • Registered Dietitian on the Go
    • Prescription Drug Abuse and more
  • Programs in residence halls, sororities, fraternities and academic classes
  • We can help students get connected to other campus resources

Promoting and Achieving Wellness for Students (PAWS)

The PAWS Team includes staff certified health educators and student peer health educators. Its aim is to provide inclusive, innovative, evidence-based health promotion programs and resources that promote optimal physical, mental, and social health.

Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

The Student Health Advisory Council is comprised of students who work to improve and promote the quality and delivery of health care for all UK students. SHAC student members study and advise the University Health Service on issues such as the student health fee, insurance, policies, services and health education programs. For more information, email: SHACatUK@gmail.com.


Student Health is located in the University Health Service Building at 830 South Limestone, between Kentucky Clinic and the Charles T. Wethington Building.


When classes are in session, Student Health is open Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. and on Saturday from 9 A.M. to 11 A.M. During the summer and on the day prior to and when classes are not in session, we’re open Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.


Appointments are required and can be made online via Link Blue/myUK or by calling the Appointment Line: 859-323-APPT (2778) or Behavioral Health Clinic 859-323-5511.

For more information, contact:

General Information - 859-323-5823
Phone Information Nurse (PIN) - 859-323-INFO (4636)
On Call (for emergencies) - 859-323-5321

Campus Recreation and Wellness

The Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness offers wholesome physical activities and sports programs for students, faculty and staff. Activities include intramural sports, club sports, outdoor pursuits, leisure recreation, and fitness programs. We are also home to the Student Wellness Center, which empowers students to enhance their overall well-being through varying outreach and educational opportunities.

Bernard Johnson Student Recreation Center

The Bernard Johnson Student Recreation Center is an 87,000 square-foot facility that provides the latest in equipment and amenities. Major spaces include basketball courts, racquetball courts, a fitness center, aerobics studios, a climbing wall and more. All students are encouraged to visit the Center and make positive, healthy use of leisure time.

Alumni Gym Fitness Center

The Alumni Gym is a newly renovated gymnasium turned into a state-of-the-art fitness center. Located adjacent to the new Gatton Student Center, this 29,000 square foot facility consists of group fitness studios and fitness areas.

Lancaster Aquatic Center

The Lancaster Aquatic Center is available for recreational swimming during open hours. For information, call 859-257-7946.

Intramural Sports

The Intramural Sports program provides competition among students at UK. Individual, dual, and team sports events are available.

Club Sports

The Club Sports program provides opportunities for UK students, faculty, and staff who desire a more in-depth sports experience than is provided in the Intramural and/or open recreation program.

Outdoor Pursuits

The Outdoor Pursuits program offers a variety of adventure trips for UK students, faculty, and staff. The trips vary from day hiking in the beautiful wild regions of Kentucky, to a weekend of whitewater rafting in nearby regional areas, to rock climbing at premier spots close to Lexington.

Student Wellness Center

The Student Wellness Center educates, empowers, and coaches students to make healthy decisions while providing leadership and advocacy for health-enhancing policy. Through innovation and creativity, we connect students to shared wellness information and campus resources helping students achieve their academic goals and personal well-being. Programs include alcohol and other drug education, mind body classes, the relaxation station, the well hut and the collegiate recovery community.

For More Information

For more information about recreation and wellness programs, or recreational facilities, contact the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness, 177 Johnson Center, 859-257-3928. Visit us on the web at: www.uky.edu/recwell/.

Gatton Student Center

The University of Kentucky Gatton Student Center strives to serve as a “living room” for the campus through providing facilities, services, conveniences and programs for the University community which enhance their daily lives on campus. These experiences afford the opportunity to learn, know, and understand one another through informal association outside the formal classroom. The student is central to this mission, as the department serves as a laboratory for teaching student leadership strategies and human relation skills through work experience, involvement in student organizations, and experience in program development through execution.

The Gatton Student Center has been an energetic and vibrant hub of the University of Kentucky campus since 1938. From the wide range of dining options to our entertainment and educational opportunities there’s so much more in between the lines: UK Bookstore & Café, UK Federal Credit Union, PNC Bank, free wireless internet access, meeting/conference rooms, a state of the art Dolby Atmos cinema theater, WRFL radio, the Cats Den recreational and entertainment facility, as well as the UK Visitors Center, the Center For Student Involvement, the Martin Luther King Center, and the Office of LGBTQ* Resources. Additionally, students will find numerous student services, programs and organizations all within the Gatton Student Center. We invite to you explore and enjoy.

The Gatton Student Center is open seven days a week from 6 A.M. to midnight during the regular academic terms.

For more information, call the Gatton Student Center Administrative Office at 859-257-5781 or to reserve a room, visit meetatbigblue.uky.edu.

Academic Ombud Services

The Academic Ombud helps resolve academic disagreements between students and faculty or administration. When students are unable to resolve grievances through normal resolution processes, the Ombud may be able to expedite the process or advise the student about the proper procedures to follow. Problems include, but are not limited to, admission/registration problems, violation of students’ academic rights, unfair teaching and grading practices, and cheating and plagiarism. All cases are held in strict confidence.

The Office of Academic Ombud Services is open from 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. and is located in 109 Bradley Hall. For information, questions, or appointments, call 859-257-3737, or email Ombud@uky.edu.

Financial Ombud Services

The Financial Ombud provides a neutral and confidential setting for current and prospective students and their parents to discuss difficult or unusual financial problems affecting tuition and fee payment. The Financial Ombud resolves problems, counsels, and makes recommendations and referrals as needed.

The Office of the Financial Ombud Services is open from 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. and is located in 10 Funkhouser Building. For information, questions, or appointments, email: financialombud@lsv.uky.edu.


The University of Kentucky sponsors a total of 22 athletic teams in men’s and women’s sports and is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Southeastern Conference. The University fields representative teams in a variety of varsity sports: basketball, football, baseball, tennis, golf, track, cross country, soccer, swimming, and rifle for men; and basketball, golf, gymnastics, rifle, soccer, swimming, tennis, track, cross country, softball, and volleyball for women. These various teams provide wholesome entertainment for the student body, faculty, staff, alumni, and general public. Students interested in joining a team should contact the head coach’s office in the sport of interest.

The Athletics Department helps support the band and cheerleaders; provides athletic scholarships for approximately 400 students; and provides grants to the University of Kentucky for academic scholarships and the new Jacobs Science Building.

For information about tickets to athletic events, visit: www.ukathletics.com.

UK International Center

The University of Kentucky International Center (UKIC) is the catalyst for diverse internationalization initiatives at UK. Located in Bradley Hall, UKIC serves as a resource center for the University’s vital international linkages by supporting the development of agreements and partnerships with universities across the world; promoting the involvement of UK faculty, staff, and students in international research, development projects, and related activities; and facilitating access to international funding opportunities. Visit UKIC’s website for more information: international.uky.edu.

The UKIC is headquartered in Bradley Hall in the center of UK’s campus, while the Confucius Institute is located in newly renovated space in the Lucille Little Fine Arts Library. The UKIC comprises the following units:

International Partnerships & Research

UKIC serves as a resource center for the University’s vital international linkages by supporting the development of agreements and partnerships with universities, foreign governments, NGOs, and U.S. government agencies abroad; promoting the involvement of UK faculty members, staff, and students in international grants, research, development projects, and related activities; and facilitating access to international funding opportunities. To learn more, visit: international.uky.edu/PR.

UK Education Abroad & Exchanges (EA)

Education Abroad & Exchanges (EA) is the University’s comprehensive resource for study abroad, research abroad, intern abroad, teach abroad, service abroad and other educational experiences worldwide. EA provides academically sound international experiences for all students that promote intercultural competence, disciplinary scholarship, and language acquisition. EA also oversees student exchange programs with partner institutions, facilitates faculty-directed programs and partners with affiliate providers to offer a diverse portfolio of education abroad programs. For more information, call 859-257- 4067; or visit: international.uky.edu/EA.

International Student and Scholars Services (ISSS)

ISSS provides leadership and expertise in the advising and immigration needs of more than 2,000 international students and 500 international faculty, staff and exchange visitors. ISSS also administers university compliance with evolving federal regulations, supports the university and its medical center by managing global student and scholar interactions, and facilitates the well-being and academic success of all international students, faculty, staff, and scholars. For additional information, call 859-323-2121; or visit: international.uky.edu/ISSS.

International Student Recruitment

In close partnership with Undergraduate Enrollment Management, the Center for English as a Second Language, and the Graduate School, UKIC recruits a growing number of international students to UK each year. UKIC’s International Enrollment Manager attends education fairs around the globe, develops online marketing strategies, works with government sponsored programs, and personally meets with potential students and their families in countries such as India, China, and Oman. For more information, visit: international.uky.edu/Apply.

Confucius Institute

Established in 2010, the Confucius Institute at the University of Kentucky is a center for Chinese language, culture, art and business. A gateway to China for the university and the Commonwealth, the Confucius Institute serves as the conduit for UK’s China initiatives, facilitating a range of China exchange programs across the campus and beyond. In addition, the Institute works to strengthen China Studies within the university, while at the same time providing leadership and support for Chinese language programs in Kentucky’s K-12 classrooms and forging important community relationships through Chinese cultural outreach to people in the Commonwealth. The Institute was awarded the 2012, 2014 and 2017 Confucius Institute of the Year. Additionally, the UKCI has been named the Global Model by the Confucius Institute, making it the flagship program among the 525 Confucius Institutes in 146 countries worldwide. To learn more, call 859-257-4523; or visit: international.uky.edu/UKCI.

UK Office of China Initiatives

The UK Office of China Initiatives (UKOCI) provides leadership in developing and facilitating connections with China both at the university level and across the Commonwealth. To this end, the UK OCI links China-related opportunities to UK’s strategic plan; provides support to Chinese students and scholars during their time at UK and beyond; assists in advancing research and scholarship about China; maintains and expands UK’s China presence and collaborations; and works with colleges to strategize their recruitment efforts of Chinese students via UK’s partner universities in China. To learn more, visit: international.uky.edu/OCI.

Global Health Initiative

UK’s Global Health Initiative is focused on advancing research, educational programs, and service learning for our faculty and students, with the goal of improving the health of people throughout the world and promoting health equity. The Global Health Initiative is led by Melody Ryan, M.P.H., Pharm.D., Assistant Provost for Global Health Initiatives. To learn more visit: international.uky.edu/GHI.

Under the Global Health Initiative, Shoulder to Shoulder Global is an organization which incorporates other academic and community partners and seeks to improve the health and well-being of impoverished and underserved communities globally. The initial focus of STSG has been in Santo Domingo, Ecuador, with its year-round health clinic. While providing primary care for this community, STSG also works with the community to improve education, public health, access to safe water, and to improve economic opportunities. STSG seeks to provide and promote educational, service and research opportunities for all partners involved. To learn more, visit: international.uky.edu/STSG.

International Health and Security Services (IHSS)

IHSS manages UK’s international travel medical insurance and evacuation policy and oversees risk management issues related to international travel. Working closely with Education Abroad and the UKIC Marketing and Communications Manager, IHSS monitors news outlets and government resources to identify current events and threats that may have implications for the safety and well-being of students on EA programs, and works with EA to ensure that students stay informed. Additionally, IHSS is responsible for outlining the appropriate unit-level and institutional responses to a variety of emergency situations abroad. To learn more visit: international.uky.edu/IHSS.

Office for Institutional Diversity

The University of Kentucky prepares students for meaningful and responsible engagement within and across diverse communities. Through its own example and engagement, the University strives to improve the climate for diversity throughout Kentucky, a commitment given special importance and emphasis by shared history. The composite effect of work with students in classrooms, residence halls, offices, laboratories, clinics, libraries, and public places should be to enable them to develop a more enlightened worldview; attain a deeper understanding of and commitment to authentic democratic values and social justice; embrace a greater commitment to service and leadership for the common good; exhibit greater cultural knowledge and competence; and facilitate Kentucky’s success in the global economy.

The Office for Institutional Diversity has a primary responsibility to advance the University’s commitment to embracing difference and promoting increased knowledge of diversity and its significance as a fundamental value of the campus community. Of equal importance is its mission to enhance academic support services to help ensure the academic success and personal development of all students, but especially those students from backgrounds that have been historically underrepresented on the University campus.

Martin Luther King Center

Established on the University of Kentucky campus in 1987 as the Martin Luther King Center, this much-visited campus venue has been a vital resource, providing year-round programs and activities that have focused on the importance of cultural awareness and cross-cultural understanding. The center offers a relaxed and affirming atmosphere that enhances the recruitment and retention of students from diverse backgrounds. Entering its fourth decade of operation, the center has evolved into an education resource facility where all students, as well as faculty and staff of the university can engage each other through cross-cultural exploration and intellectual exchange.

Increasingly, research has shown a vitally positive link between intercultural engagement and student success. As a result, the King Center has sharpened its focus on diversity education and increased its support of the academic enterprise. In addition to cultural/educational programs consisting of lectures, concerts, artistic performances, film/video screenings and workshops, faculty involvement in the center has increased through the establishment of the Scholar-in-Residence (SiR). During his/her two-year assignment, the faculty SiR helps to situate many center programs and activities within the academic/intellectual realm, and engages students, faculty and staff in meaningful exploration and intellectual discourse. Check the King Center website for programs and scheduling details at: www.uky.edu/mlkc.


The Martin Luther King Center seeks to empower University of Kentucky students from all communities to improve their college experience by increasing access to academic, civic leadership, and cultural exchange opportunities. The center assists in the cultivation of events on campus which promote diversity awareness, cultural pride, and collaborative efforts between recognized student organizations of seemingly distinct interests. We seek to provide a culture of civic dialogue and a campus-wide “brave space” for students to develop their cultural identity without fear of harassment and with the support of others striving to do the same.

Cultural Competencies

The MLK Professional staff believes the center, and all of the learning experiences provided through it, gives students unique opportunities to learn about themselves, create their identities, discover and cultivate their talents, and develop and practice the skills necessary to be positive and productive leaders and citizens after they graduate from the University of Kentucky. We are a laboratory for experiential learning. As we bring our mission to life in the years ahead, we align the center’s initiatives with four cultural competencies that we believe are necessary for creating better leaders, better communities, and stronger programming. Through our learning laboratory, we strive to empower students too.

1.    Develop an appreciation for inclusion through self-awareness and consciousness of social and global issues (Awareness)

  • Fostering constructive discussions regarding issues relating to differences, identity, prejudice, and bias.
  •  Initiate opportunities for creative expression of diverse perspectives.

2.    Encourage the cultivation of civic responsibility and well-being through interpersonal interaction and communication (Attitude)

  • Through interactive activities, facilitated dialogues, service, and collaborations across the academic spectrum.
  • By nurturing the holistic development of University of Kentucky students, faculty, staff and community members.

 3.    Extend knowledge that challenges perspectives, promotes reflection, and stimulates application of pluralistic behavior (Knowledge)

 4.    Prepare students to lead in a global society and inspire social change (Skill/Action)

Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment Services (CARES)

CARES offers academic support services and enrichment opportunities that enhance the student’s undergraduate experience. The overall program goals are to increase the retention and graduation rates of students traditionally underrepresented in post-secondary education, including African American, Hispanic or Latinx, and Native American students as well as students receiving the William C. Parker Scholarship. The Center’s services and programs include individual tutoring, study groups, academic planning and monitoring, career exploration, networking opportunities, personal development workshops, graduate school information and preparation, and the Wildcat Academy, a six-week academic enrichment program.

For additional information, call 859-323-6347 or stop by CARES at 104 McVey Hall. Visit us online at: www.uky.edu/cares/ or like us on Facebook.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally-funded TRIO program designed to provide comprehensive academic support to improve academic performance and increase retention and graduation rates. Participation in SSS requires that a student be a U.S. citizen and at least one of the following: (1) first-generation college - neither parent has a baccalaureate degree; (2) low income - according to federal guidelines; or (3) have a documented disability. When a student has been accepted into the program, all program services are free. Services offered include: individual and group tutoring (in any subject), academic planning, personal counseling, peer mentoring, career counseling, financial aid information, study skills instruction, writing assistance, graduate school preparation, technology assistance, cultural/social activities, and limited computers, calculators, and a small resource library for check-out and on-site use.

Students interested in becoming a part of the SSS program can stop by the office at Suite 443 of the Multidisciplinary Science Building, 725 Rose Street, to pick up an application; call 859-257-9797 to request an application be mailed to you, or download from our website at: www.uky.edu/sss/.

Are you an independent student? An independent student is someone who is transitioning from foster/adoptive care, or is non-traditional age 23 and up starting out in college and or a parent (single or married). Are you a first-generation student (neither parent has a bachelor’s degree) or low-income, or have a documented disability? Then you may want to check out the Student Support Services table during orientation. We are a program designed to assist you in your journey while at the University of Kentucky. Come check us out.

Center for Graduate and Professional Diversity Initiatives

The Center for Graduate and Professional Diversity Initiatives focuses on recruiting diverse graduate and professional students in UK’s six health colleges and retaining diverse graduate and professional students in all colleges, contributing to an inclusive campus environment where all students can fully engage and succeed.

Professional Services

University of Kentucky Counseling Center: Consultation and Psychological Services

The UK Counseling Center: Consultation and Psychological Services (UKCC) has a staff of licensed clinicians and supervised graduate trainees whose primary function is to help UK students with mental well-being, personal and psychological concerns, career decision-making, and support for academic success. UKCC provides a variety of services ranging in intensity from drop-in self-care, wellness and stress management services to crisis intervention. In between, the UKCC offers support groups and brief group, couples and individual therapy.

UKCC clinicians will also assist students in finding treatment in the community, especially for longer-term mental health needs. Examples of self-care and psychological wellness services are Wildcat Wellness (therapy dog, mindfulness, yoga and relaxation) and all aspects of the Relaxation Room, which is located in 114 Frazee Hall, and offers space for meditation, arts and crafts, full-spectrum lights, biofeedback, and massage chairs. (Please note, the UKCC may be re-located for the 2020-21 academic year, so please visit the website www.uky.edu/counselingcenter/ for service location information.) UKCC also provides teletherapy services by phone or secure software.

Another drop-in service is Let’s Talk, which provides students an opportunity to have an informal conversation with a mental health professional in a location outside of the UKCC. These meetings do not require an appointment. Let’s Talk is an easy way for students to get an introduction to the Counseling Center services and meet one of the staff. Support groups are available for a number of student groups and concerns (e.g., Grief Support, Trans* and Gender Nonconforming Support, and Life Beyond ED: Eating Disorder Recovery) as are a variety of structured skills groups and therapy groups (ACT for anxiety, Koru Mindfulness, Understanding Self and Other (USO) Groups, Color Coded for students of color, CBT Group for Depression, and Wise Minds). Short-term individual, couples and group counseling services are available to assist students with concerns such as adjustment to college, relationship difficulties, career exploration/decision-making (including choice of major), depression, anxiety, discrimination/oppression, low self-esteem, life transitions, alcohol/substance use, eating and body image concerns, family problems, trauma, and/or longstanding dysfunctional behavioral patterns (e.g., procrastination, low motivation, organizational issues and impulsivity). Discussions are confidential.

To access UKCC services, most students utilize the same-day appointment system. Others may opt to call and schedule an appointment. There are many same-day appointments available each day. Please see the UKCC website for details regarding same-day appointment times, the typical process for initial assessments, and how to utilize crisis intervention services. To inquire about any of the UKCC’s services, students or those concerned about students may call 859-257-8701 between 8 A.M. and 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday. The UKCC is located in 106 Frazee Hall, which is on Administration Drive next to the Student Center (please note that address is subject to change). After-hours consultation for urgent matters is available by calling 859-257-8701 and pressing ‘1’ at the prompt.

The UKCC maintains an active outreach program, offering workshops, preventative programs and events to students, faculty, staff and community audiences on a variety of college life, wellness and mental health topics. In addition, faculty, staff, TAs, administrators, parents and other concerned parties can call the UKCC for consultations regarding students. Call 859-257-8701 for outreach and consultation services.

Eligibility and Limitations for Treatment

The Counseling Center offers an Initial Consultation to all students who are eligible for services. At that first brief meeting, students and clinicians collaborate to determine what might be helpful to address current concerns. Depending on the presenting issues and specific needs, some students will be directed to less intensive or drop-in wellness services, some will be referred out for specialized or more intensive services, and some will receive brief ongoing group, couples or individual therapy services at the Center.

With the exception of some optional testing services, UKCC services are free of charge to eligible undergraduate, graduate and professional students. Eligibility for UKCC services is based on enrollment; students must be paying for at least six credit hours (or any number of thesis or dissertation credits) at the University of Kentucky during the current semester. To be eligible for services in the summer, students need to be enrolled at UK during the previous spring semester AND preregistered for the upcoming fall semester, or they can be enrolled for any number of hours in the summer.

The James W. Stuckert Career Center

The Stuckert Career Center (SCC) is a comprehensive and centralized career center for students enrolled at the University of Kentucky. The Career Center’s programs and services are designed to support student career development and prepare them for a successful career launch. Career Center staff members work with students from their first-year experience through degree completion and beyond. The SCC collaborates with faculty, staff, student leaders, and UK’s college-based career services offices to provide comprehensive and integrated career services and programming.

All UK enrolled students have an account in Handshake, UK’s career management software platform. Students can activate their accounts using their computers or mobile devices. Through Handshake, students have immediate access to the multitude of SCC resources mentioned here, including online appointment bookings, an expansive online job board, and access to other customized, embedded career resources. Students can conduct internship and job searches in Handshake and apply directly to employers. Students can visit uky.joinhandshake.com/login to activate their Handshake accounts by using their linkblue I.D. and password. Students can also visit the Career Center for drop-in services and get help activating their Handshake accounts from the front desk staff in the Career Center lobby.

Through individual appointments, drop-in sessions, classroom presentations, and group workshops, students are provided tools for and assistance with: career assessments, determining work/life values, career decision-making, career exploration, internships, resume writing, interviewing preparation and practice,  job search strategies, networking with employers, researching salary information, salary negotiation, and preparing for a successful transition from campus to the professional world.

Students are encouraged to explore careers first-hand by participating in on-campus interviews, networking receptions and career fairs throughout the year as they begin seeking internships and full-time, career-related employment. Internship positions can be full-time or part-time, and are available in local, national and international settings. Students have the option of earning academic credit for internship experiences conducted within specified UK guidelines. 

These experiences provide ways that students can connect with career professionals in order to learn more about careers of interest and develop ongoing contacts with professionals in their fields. Students have opportunities to work alongside business organizations, nonprofit agencies, or other settings pertinent to their academic major and career goals. These experiences better prepare students to be more competitive and polished as graduate/professional school applicants and job candidates upon graduation.

The SCC offers an extensive collection of online, subscription-based resources including: Candid Careers, CareerShift, Vault and InterviewStream. These digital resources for students and alumni seeking 24/7 career services are available at: www.uky.edu/careercenter/ as well as in Handshake

UK students may call 859-257-2746 for further information about all current programs and services the Career Center offers. Drop-in hours are available for 10-15 minute sessions for students to discuss any career development questions with career advisors. The Stuckert Career Center is located at 408 Rose Street across from the Singletary Center for the Arts.

The Office of Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research provides coordination, leadership and support for the many programs at the University of Kentucky designed to promote undergraduate research, scholarship, and creativity. The office is the starting point for any undergraduate student desiring to include mentored research in their undergraduate experience. Our website will familiarize mentors and students alike with the many and varied opportunities provided by the office, and by related programs and activities both on and off campus, focused on undergraduate research and undergraduate student excellence. A prominent service orchestrated by the Office of Undergraduate Research is the pairing of faculty mentors with undergraduate protégés to create a formalized, meaningful research experience across disciplines. Other services and opportunities include:

  • Assist in the pairing of undergraduate protégés with faculty mentors to create a formalized, meaningful scholarly or research experience
  • Research travel funding for students accepted to present at national conferences/meetings
  • Summer Research and Creativity Fellowships
  • Annual Showcase of Undergraduate Scholars
  • Posters-at-the-Capitol (presentation opportunity to State Legislatures)
  • Undergraduate Research Abroad Scholarship
  • Oswald Research and Creativity Competition
  • Buck 4 Brains Program

For more information, contact the Office of Undergraduate Research at 859-257-0049; visit us at: www.uky.edu/chellgren/undergraduate-research; or email us at: ugresearch@uky.edu.

The Office of Nationally Competitive Awards

The Office of Nationally Competitive Awards (NCA) is a gateway for high achieving students to pursue nationally and internationally competitive scholarship and study opportunities. These are awards offered by the governments of the U.S. and other countries as well as non-profit foundations and research organizations.  Some of these awards provide a direct financial benefit while the student is completing the undergraduate degree (Astronaut, Goldwater and Udall), but many support prestigious graduate school opportunities (Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Gates-Cambridge, Fulbright) or travel related to language acquisition (Boren, Critical Language Scholarships) or teaching English outside of the United States (Fulbright, JET). The financial benefit of these awards is considerable, but not the only, or even the primary, reason to apply. These awards connect the recipients to a community of scholars that offer lifelong opportunities and launch them into experiences that will shape their careers and their lives in ways they cannot imagine.

The process of applying for a nationally competitive scholarship is, in itself, a learning experience. It challenges the student to think through career plans, to set ambitious long-term goals, and to imagine how they can use their talents to shape and change the world. These awards require commitment from the student as the process of preparing a nomination packet takes place over several months, as students write multiple drafts of the personal statement and other required essays, secure in-depth letters of recommendation from faculty and prepare for interviews with the campus review committee for awards that allow only a limited number of UK students to be nominated.

Interested students can look over the list of opportunities at www.uky.edu/chellgren/competitive-awards/find-award and also reach out to the staff members for an individual appointment. For more information, email Pat Whitlow at pat.whitlow@uky.edu, or Emily Sallee at emily.sallee@uky.edu.

Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center

The Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center provides students, staff, and faculty the tools, support, and opportunities to shape a campus free of interpersonal violence, which can include dating and domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking. All students are encouraged to learn to explore ideas around consent and to become active bystanders by participating in our educational programs, which equip students with the knowledge and skills to create a safe and violence-free culture at UK. The Center also provides support, referrals, resources, and advocacy for survivors of sexual and gender-based interpersonal violence and their loved ones. Faculty, staff, and students are invited to contact the VIP Center for additional information or services.

The VIP Center is available Monday through Friday 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center
Frazee Hall, Lower Level
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0031


Adult Student Services - Undergraduate Admission

Adult Student Services assists individuals starting or returning to college after several years and current adult students enrolled at the University of Kentucky.

Our goal is to offer programs, scholarships, workshops, advocacy and support to adults. Students with questions can go to the Office of Undergraduate Admission, 100 Funkhouser, or contact the Office using the information below. All scholarship information is available in the Office of Academic Scholarships.

For more information or questions:

Undergraduate Admission
100 Funkhouser Building
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0054

Transfer Center

The Transfer Center serves as a hub of information for the undergraduate transfer student population at UK. The Transfer Center staff collaborates with other on-campus units to provide the necessary resources for successful progress toward graduation. Our motto, “Start There, Finish Here” represents the University of Kentucky’s commitment to helping each transfer student with their transition and goal of earning a UK degree.

The following services are offered in the Transfer Center:

  • academic advising
  • course equivalency evaluation
  • transfer planning strategies
  • admissions counseling

For more information, contact us at:

Transfer Center
100 Funkhouser Building
Lexington, KY 40506-0054
email: UKTransfer@uky.edu
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Transcript Services

Before you order a transcript, please read the following:

Financial Holds

 If you have a financial delinquency, the University will not process your transcript request until the delinquency has been cleared. If you have a hold, we will notify you and provide the contact information for you to clear the hold.

Ordering Transcripts

 The University of Kentucky provides three options for ordering transcripts:

1.  Online - By Credit Card
 The University of Kentucky uses the National Student Clearinghouse to process online transcript requests. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allows you to track your order, and ensures the security of your information and payment. You may also upload up to three documents with your transcript. Expediting transcript orders is possible at an additional cost. See the Transcript Request Form for details. It is not possible to expedite online transcript requests for pre-1988 course work at this time. Please note: if you have attachments that need to be sent with your transcript, email transcripts@uky.edu.To order and pay online, go to www.getmytranscript.com and select “Order College Transcripts”.

2.  In Person
 You may request transcripts at the Registrar’s Office, 10 Funkhouser Building, Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. If you attended UK prior to 1988, these requests may take longer to process because your records are on microfilm. For all others, we can normally process your request immediately. Please bring the following with you:

  •        Picture ID
  •        $10.00 per transcript, payable by cash, check, money order or debit/credit card (preferred)
  •        Please note: the University is closed most holidays and during the break between Christmas and New Years. If you need to request a transcript when the University is closed, you may order online (see #1 above).

Pick Up by Person Other Than Student
The University will not release a transcript to another individual unless we receive a signed statement from the student providing the complete name of the individual who will pick up the transcript. Students must compete the Authorization to Release Record form. This individual must also bring a picture ID when they come to pick up the transcript, as well as make a payment of $10 per transcript, payable by cash, check, money order, or debit/credit card (preferred).

3.  By Mail
To order by mail, go to the online Transcript Request Form and print the form. Complete the information, sign the request and mail to the address listed on the form. Do not fax the request. Submitting requests without adequate information will cause a delay in processing. Please be sure to include a check or money order made payable to the University of Kentucky for each transcript ordered. The cost is $10.00 per transcript. If you wish to pay by credit card, you may order online (see #1 above).

Special Mailing and Electronic Transcripts

For information and instructions on special mailing options, view the Transcript site at: www.uky.edu/Registrar/Transcripts.htm.

We are not responsible for delays in delivery by the Post Office. Prices are subject to change by the USPS.

To Check the Status of a Transcript Request

If you ordered your transcript online, you may track your request online at nslc.org using the tracking number you received in your confirmation email.

To track a transcript ordered by mail, email: transcripts@uky.edu.

 Other Transcripts

Transcripts from the Colleges of Medicine or Dentistry

Transcripts for professional programs in the Colleges of Medicine and Dentistry must be ordered directly from those colleges. For information, see:

College of Medicine:
Transcript Requests from the College of Medicine

College of Dentistry:

Transcript Requests from the College of Dentistry

Community College or Fort Knox Records

Students who have attended any of the Kentucky community colleges (KCTCS) should contact the college they attended, even if the college was part of the University of Kentucky at the time they attended.

The University maintains the academic records for students who attended Northern Community College through 1972. Students who attended after 1972 should contact Northern Kentucky University for their records.

The University maintains the academic records for students who attended Fort Knox through 1988. Students who attended after that time should contact Elizabethtown Community and Technical College.

University of Kentucky Registrar
10 Funkhouser Building
Attention: Transcripts
Lexington, KY 40506-0054

Guide to University Offices

What Who To See Where Phone
  Reporting prior to Instructor
  Reporting following Instructor
  Due to illness Instructor    
  Emergency notification Dean of Students Office 513 Patterson Office Tower 257-3754
  Hospitalization Instructor
  Auto - on campus University Police 305 Euclid Avenue 257-1616
  Auto - off-campus Metro Police 150 E. Main Street 911
  Injury Student Health Services 830 South Limestone Street 323-5823
    University Medical Center Emergency Room 323-5901
  Emergency - on campus University Police 305 Euclid Avenue 911
  Emergency - off-campus Metro Police 150 E. Main Street 911
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    Student Government A267 Gatton Student Center 257-3191
  Activities available Student Organizations Office A154 Gatton Student Center 257-8867
Alcohol Information Campus Recreation and Wellness 177 Johnson Center 257-3928
  Intramural and Extramural Director, Campus Recreation and Wellness 177 Johnson Center 257-3928
  Varsity - men Director Memorial Coliseum 257-1916
  Varsity - women Director Memorial Coliseum 257-6046
    Student Athletic Student Services Office 34A Memorial Coliseum 257-9648
    Other Ticket Office A-113 Joe Craft Center 257-1818
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  Activities Student Activities Office 106 Frazee Hall 257-8701
  Financial Student Financial Wellness 302 Patterson Hall 218-6741
  Health Student Health Services 830 South Limestone Street 323-5823
    VIP Center Frazee Hall, Lower Level 257-3574
    BISS (Bias Incident Support Services) 1 Frazee Hall, Lower Level 257-3189
  Personal Counseling Center 106 Frazee Hall 257-8701
    Student Behavioral Health Services 830 South Limestone Street 323-5511
  Vocational Counseling Center 106 Frazee Hall 257-8701
    James W. Stuckert Career Center 408 Rose Street 257-2746
Disability Services Disability Resource Center 407 Multidisciplinary Science Building 257-2754
Dormitories - see Housing
Drug Information
    Student Health Services 830 South Limestone Street 323-5823
    Counseling Center 106 Frazee Hall 257-8701
Emergency Treatment University Medical Center Emergency Room 323-5901
  Career Services James W. Stuckert Career Center Stuckert Building, 408 Rose Street 257-2746
  Student (part-time) Student Employment 115 Scovell Hall 257-8894
  Teacher Placement College of Education 104 Taylor Education Building 257-1857
  Work-Study Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships 128 Funkhouser Building 257-3172 ext. 247
Facilities (use and reservation)      
  Academic space Registrar’s Office 12 Funkhouser Building 257-4903
  Adena Park Campus Recreation and Wellness 177 Johnson Center 257-3928
  Agriculture Science (Seay) Auditorium Management Operations N-3 Agricultural Science North Building 257-2983
  Agriculture Science South Auditorium - B52 Registrar’s Office 12 Funkhouser Building 257-4903
  Alumni House Alumni Association King Alumni House (400 Rose Street) 257-8905
  Alumni Gym Campus Recreation and Wellness 177 Johnson Center 257-3928
  Carnahan House (restricted) Carnahan Conference Center 1701 Newtown Pike 254-1060
  Medical Center Auditorium Hospital Administration N100 Medical Center 323-5211
  Memorial Coliseum Athletics Association 200 Memorial Coliseum 257-3838
  Memorial Hall Student Center - Director’s Office Gatton Student Center 257-5781
  Parking lots and structures Parking Services 721 Press Avenue 257-5757
  Patterson Office Tower (18th Floor - restricted) Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration 107 Main Building 257-1841
  Seaton Center Campus Recreation and Wellness 177 Johnson Center 257-3928
  Singletary Center for the Arts Coordinator 126 Center for the Arts 257-1706
  Student Center Student Center - Director’s Office Gatton Student Center 257-5781
  University grounds Student Center - Director’s Office Gatton Student Center 257-5781
Fee Payment Student Account Services 18 Funkhouser Building 257-3406
Financial Aid Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships 127 Funkhouser Building 257-3172 ext. 223
Fraternities Fraternity Advisor 518 Patterson Office Tower 257-3151
Graduation Ceremonies Human Resources 115 Scovell Hall 257-9519 ext. 176
Health Fee
  Payment Student Account Services 18 Funkhouser Building 257-3406
  Information Student Health Services 830 South Limestone Street 323-5823
  Applications and assignments (undergraduates) Housing Office 125 Funkhouser Building 257-1866
  Graduate and Family Auxiliary Services Greg Page Apartments #156 257-3721
  Greg Page Stadium View Apartments Housing Office 125 Funkhouser Building 257-1866
  Off-Campus Off-Campus Student Services 230B McVey Hall 218-3840
  Payment of fees Student Account Services 18 Funkhouser Building 257-3406
  Residence Halls Programming Residence Life 575 Patterson Office Tower 257-4784
  Resident Advisors Residence Life 575 Patterson Office Tower 257-4784
Identification Cards      
  Photos Student ID Office 380 Gatton Student Center 257-1378
  Lost Student ID Office 380 Gatton Student Center 257-1378
  Student Health Student Insurance Office 830 South Limestone Street 323-5823
  Johnson Center Campus Recreation and Wellness 177 Johnson Center 257-3928
K Book Parent and Family Association 230 McVey Hall 257-2752
K Week Parent and Family Association 230 McVey Hall 257-2752
Loans Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships 128 Funkhouser Building 257-3172 or 257-3173
Master Calendar
  Campus Events Student Activities Office A265 Gatton Student Center 257-8868
  Academic Registrar’s Office 12 Funkhouser Building 257-7155
Meal Cards
  Contracts Housing Office 125 Funkhouser Building 257-1866
  Payment Student Account Services 18 Funkhouser Building 257-3406
Medical Services
  General Information and main phone number Student Health Services 830 South Limestone Street 323-5823
  Illness or accident Student Health Services 830 South Limestone Street 323-2778
  Drug information Student Health Services 830 South Limestone Street 323-5823 ext. 281
  Contraception Services Student Health Services 830 South Limestone Street 323-5823 ext. 280
  Billing Student Health Services 830 South Limestone Street 323-5823 ext. 233
  Insurance Student Health Services 830 South Limestone Street 323-5823 ext. 230
  Administrator Student Health Services 830 South Limestone Street 323-5823
  Personal Counseling Student Health Services 830 South Limestone Street 323-5511
Multicultural and Academic Affairs
  Associate Provost Associate Provost for Multicultural/Academic Affairs 563 Patterson Office Tower 257-1991
  African-American Student Affairs African-American Student Affairs 557 Patterson Office Tower 257-5641
  Scholarships African-American Scholarships 563 Patterson Office Tower 257-1991
  Learning Services Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment Services 104 McVey Hall 323-6347
  Student Support Services Student Support Services Office 443 Multidisciplinary Science Building 257-9797
Off-Campus Students Off-Campus Student Services 230B McVey Hall 218-3840
Organizations and Clubs Student Organizations A154 Gatton Student Center 257-1109
  Summer Orientation Registrar’s Office 12F Funkhouser Building 257-3256
  K Week (Fall Welcome Week) Parent and Family Association 230 McVey Hall 257-2752
  K2 (Spring Welcome) Parent and Family Association 230 McVey Hall 257-2752
Parent and Family Association Parent and Family Association 230 McVey Hall 257-2752
Postal Service University Post Office Basement, Classroom Building 257-6358
  Kernel Kernel Office 347A McVey Hall 257-6524
  Student Code Dean of Students Office 513 Patterson Office Tower 257-3754
  Student religious organizations University Liaison 407 Multidisciplinary Science Building 257-2754
Residence Halls - see Housing
  Academic Office of Academic Scholarships 217 Funkhouser Building 257-4198
  Financial Aid Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships 127 Funkhouser Building 257-3172
  Minority Multicultural and Academic Affairs 563 Patterson Office Tower 323-6334
  Departmental Dean of College    
Social Functions - see Activities
Sororities Sorority Advisor 518 Patterson Office Tower 257-3151
Student Government Student Government Office A267 Gatton Student Center 257-8867
Study Skills Counseling Center 106 Frazee Hall 257-8701
    UK 101 225 McVey Hall 257-6597
  Learning Skills Counseling Center 204 Frazee Hall 257-6959
  Student Support Services Student Support Services Office 443 Multidisciplinary Science Building 257-9797
  Aptitude Counseling Center 106 Frazee Hall 257-8701
  Personality Counseling Center 106 Frazee Hall 257-8701
    James W. Stuckert Career Center 408 Rose Street 257-2746
  Vocational Counseling Center 106 Frazee Hall 257-8701
    James W. Stuckert Career Center 408 Rose Street 257-2746
  University Testing Program Counseling Center 201 Frazee Hall 257-8703
  Athletic - General Ticket Office A-113 Joe Craft Center 257-1818
  Athletic - Student Athletic Student Services Office 34A Memorial Coliseum 257-9648
  Arts Singletary Center for the Arts 126 Singletary Center 257-4929
  Lexington Philharmonic Ticket Office Gatton Student Center 257-8427
  Student Center Ticket Office Gatton Student Center 257-8427
  Theatre Guignol/Briggs/Workshop 106 Singletary Center 257-4929
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    Accidents University Police 305 Euclid Avenue 257-1616
    Regulations University Police 305 Euclid Avenue 257-1616
    Violations Parking 721 Press Avenue 257-5757
    Parking permits Parking 721 Press Avenue 257-5757
    Emergency University Police 305 Euclid Avenue 911
  Off Campus Metro Police 150 East Main Street 911
Tutoring Counseling Center 106 Frazee Hall 257-8701
    Student Government Association A267 Gatton Student Center 257-3191
    Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment Services 104 McVey Hall 323-6347
    Student Support Services 443 Multidisciplinary Science Building 257-9797
  University, courses Registrar 10 Funkhouser Building 257-7157
    Dean of College