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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mechanical Engineering (Paducah), B.S.

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In addition to the program on the Lexington campus, students can pursue a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering through the College’s Extended Campus Program in Paducah, Kentucky. The Paducah program uses the same curriculum as the main campus, but provides the opportunity for students to complete all B.S. degree requirements without having to relocate to Lexington.

Consistent with the vision and mission statements of the University of Kentucky and the College of Engineering, the undergraduate program in mechanical engineering will prepare our graduates for successful practice or academic pursuits in mechanical engineering.  

Our educational objectives are:

  1. Our graduates will practice mechanical engineering in a variety of fields as professionals and/or be recruited to graduate and professional schools in their career paths.
  2. Our graduates will communicate effectively, work in diverse teams, address the challenges of a global society, and exhibit leadership, ethics, and creativity in their work places.
  3. Our graduates will value continuing education and professional growth by supporting or participating in professional societies, licensure programs, short courses, or other professional development activities.

The Paducah mechanical engineering program collaborates with West Kentucky Community and Technical College to provide the basic math and science courses, as well as the general studies course requirements. On-site UK mechanical engineering faculty members teach the engineering courses. Program admission, course registration, student advising and other student services all can be completed at the Paducah site.

Degree Requirements

The curriculum requirements for the B.S. degree in mechanical engineering in Paducah are identical to those on the Lexington campus. Refer to those degree requirements  for the Paducah degree program. Not all the technical electives listed for the Lexington program will be available in Paducah. The student must satisfy the College graduation requirements listed earlier.

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