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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Kinesiology: Teacher Certification Program, B.S.E.

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Requirements for Program

The Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion offers undergraduate courses and degree programs in kinesiology (physical education) and health promotion. These programs support the UK educator preparation unit’s theme of Research and Reflection for Learning and Leading. The process of reflective decision-making is imbedded in the departmental philosophy that students learn best through experiencing. The kinesiology program is guided by the standards of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), and the Kentucky New Teacher Standards.

The kinesiology program ensures an understanding of and knowledge about the structure of physical education through the content courses of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, exercise physiology, and nutrition. Application of this knowledge is demonstrated in physical education to ensure discipline knowledge for teaching.

The B.S. in Kinesiology requires completion of: (1) the UK Core requirements; (2) specified course work in Program Related Studies and Professional Education; and (3) one of the kinesiology plans. All kinesiology students are encouraged to complete Plan 1, which includes majors in kinesiology and health promotion, so that on graduating they will be qualified to pursue state teaching certification in physical education and health, grades P-12. In addition, students who choose to major in either kinesiology or health promotion only, must pick up a university-approved minor, and are only certified to teach in the single discipline selected.

Continuous Assessment

  1. All students in the kinesiology program are expected to meet the standards and rules for Admission, Retention, and Exit from Teacher Education Programs as set forth in the section Admission, Retention and Completion from Teacher Education Programs ”.
  2. The kinesiology program stimulates higher performance goals for high-performing students by offering several modes of performance. Examples are: (a) skills in performing physical activities; (b) skills in writing and oral presentations in theory courses; (c) computer technological skills in some courses; and (d) leadership skills demonstrated by high-performing students who serve as class leaders, peer tutors, and/or assistant instructors.
  3. After admittance to the program, students not only must maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA, they must continue to exhibit desirable professional characteristics to remain in the program. Students who demonstrate a lack of commitment, effort, professional behavior, knowledge, or teaching skills may be removed from the program until these characteristics are demonstrated.

Statement on Student Teaching

Students who are majoring only in kinesiology will enroll in:

Students who are completing a major in both kinesiology and health promotion will enroll in:

In this situation, student teaching time will be divided between the high school, middle school, and elementary grades, with student teaching supervision occurring cooperatively between the kinesiology and health promotion faculty.

UK Core Requirements

See the UK Core section of this Bulletin for the complete UK Core requirements . The courses listed below are (a) recommended by the college, or (b) required courses that also fulfill UK Core areas. Students should work closely with their advisor to complete the UK Core requirements.

I. Intellectual Inquiry in Arts and Creativity

II. Intellectual Inquiry in the Humanities

III. Intellectual Inquiry in the Social Sciences


IV. Intellectual Inquiry in the Natural, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences


V. Composition and Communication I

VI. Composition and Communication II

VII. Quantitative Foundations

IX. Community, Culture and Citizenship in the USA

X. Global Dynamics

Subtotal: UK Core hours: 30

Graduation Communication and Composition Requirement (GCCR)

Graduation Composition and Communication Requirement hours (GCCR): 3

Professional Education Course Sequence: 32

*These courses require admission to the Teacher Education Program.

Majors and Minors: 51-63

Plan 1

Kinesiology major (33 hours) and Health Promotion major (30 hours)

Plan 2

Kinesiology major (33 hours) and one or more university approved minors (18-21 hours). Note: University-approved minors outside of the College of Education must be planned with an advisor in the appropriate college if the student wishes to have the minor appear on his/her transcript.

Major in Kinesiology: 33

Choose at least 6 hours from the following courses:

*May be repeated under different topic names for up to 3 credit hours.


Electives for 120 total credit hours chosen with the help of an advisor.

Total Hours: 120

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