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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Health Sciences

Scott M. Lephart, Ph.D., is Dean of the College of Health Sciences; Janice Kuperstein, Ph.D., is Associate Dean for Clinical Engagement; Karen Badger, Ph.D., is Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.

The College of Health Sciences is one of the six health professions colleges which, with the University Hospital, constitute the health science campus of the University of Kentucky.

The College of Health Sciences is composed of five departments: Health and Clinical Sciences, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Athletic Training and Clinical Nutrition, Physician Assistant Studies, and Physical Therapy.

Today health science professionals are assuming greatly expanded and increasingly complex duties and responsibilities as essential members of the health care team. They work in a variety of delivery settings and have key responsibilities for the care and health of patients, clients, and communities. The UK College of Health Sciences, established in 1966, was among the first colleges to offer programs for students interested in these rapidly developing health professions. The college strives continually to revise its offerings in keeping with society’s evolving expectations and health care needs.

Graduate, Professional and Undergraduate Programs in Health Sciences

All students within the College of Health Sciences must adhere to the Health Care Colleges Code of Student Professional Conduct, as well as the UK Student Code of Conduct. View the Health Care Colleges Code of Student Professional Conduct.

Undergraduate Programs in Health Sciences

The University of Kentucky grants the following degrees in the College of Health Sciences:

  • Bachelor of Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Health Sciences select from these majors: Clinical Leadership and Management, Communication Sciences and Disorders, and Medical Laboratory Science. The College also offers a Bachelor of Science with a major in Human Health Sciences.

The College of Health Sciences offers a minor in Health Advocacy.

Students desiring to explore their options in healthcare can select the Exploratory in the Health Sciences program as an initial course of study before making a long-term selection.

Undergraduate Certificates

The University of Kentucky grants the following undergraduate certificates in the College of Health Sciences:

  • Clinical Healthcare Management
  • Nutrition for Human Performance
  • Research in Human Health Sciences

Exploratory Studies in Health Sciences

Exploratory Studies in Health Sciences (EHS) provides a home for students who are exploring potential majors at University of Kentucky for a pathway to working in health care. The EHS Academic Advisor assists students with their transition to university, identification of a best fit major for their professional goals, and transition to their chosen academic major and college. Students may enter EHS because there are many areas that interest them, they are weighing options for major choice leading to their health profession goal, or they wish to explore professional options more generally and have some interest in health.

In addition to participation in academic and career advising and co-curricular activities, incoming EHS students will be required to follow a curricular pathway. The curricular path will include a set of courses that provides students with the greatest opportunity for successful matriculation into a CHS program of study and is centered on exposure to the vast opportunities available in the college and in overall healthcare related fields. The EHS students will be cohorted into courses that provide an opportunity for exploration and community connection. The curriculum is delineated in “EHS Curricular Pathway” below. Students may remain in Exploratory Studies until they have earned 60 credit hours. The academic advisor works with students to help them clarify their academic and professional goals, realistically assess their capabilities and options, develop an appropriate degree plan, connect with campus resources, and declare a major of interest. The advisor also makes referrals to student support services on campus for career interest testing, personal counseling, tutoring, and assistance with study skills.

Professional Program Applicants (Students who have completed prerequisites at UK, community colleges, or other accredited colleges or universities)
Applications are available on the program website (see below):
Clinical Leadership and Management      
Communication Sciences and Disorders      
Human Health Sciences      
Medical Laboratory Science      
  Traditional Track (Lexington/Hazard)      
  MLT to MLS Track      

EHS Curricular Pathway


Total: 15-16


Total: 16-20


Total: 16-18


* Section restricted to CHS students.

** Section restricted to EHS students.

† Choose from: AT 120 , CSD 120 , CLM 120 , HHS 101 , MLS 120 , PT 120 .


Admissions Procedures

Baccalaureate Programs

Baccalaureate programs in the College of Health Sciences prepare students for the health professions. Students must first make application to the University of Kentucky.

A premajor program (Pre-Communication Sciences and Disorders, and Pre-Medical Laboratory Sciences) is comprised of courses prerequisite to professional program content as well as UK Core requirements. Freshman and transfer students who have initially not completed prerequisites for entrance into a professional program complete only the first step of the application process - application to the University of Kentucky. Freshman applicants to the college will be admitted into a premajor program if they meet University entrance requirements or to the Clinical Leadership and Management or the Human Health Sciences program if they are selected for admission.

A professional program is comprised of all courses and clinical experiences required for students who have applied for and have been accepted into professional programs. Consideration for admission to the college’s professional programs requires completion of prerequisite course work and completion of the professional application procedure.

The admissions procedure for all baccalaureate programs require a two-step process. Applicants must first be accepted by the University of Kentucky and second must apply for admission into a professional program. The timing for the secondary application varies by program. Students applying to the Clinical Leadership and Management and Human Health Sciences submit a secondary application prior to admission in the College of Health Sciences. Students applying to Communication Sciences and Disorders and Medical Laboratory Science programs within the College of Health Sciences must first be accepted by the University of Kentucky and second must apply for admission to a professional program approximately two semesters prior to completing prerequisites. This selection procedure is necessary because of the limited space in the professional years of the health sciences programs.

Requirements for the first several years (preprofessional program) may be completed at the University of Kentucky, a community college, or another fully accredited college or university.

At the time of application to the major program, the student should have completed the prerequisites required for application to the program he or she plans to enter, and have plans to complete all prerequisites before actual enrollment in the professional program as directed by each program. Transfer students into Human Health Sciences are strongly encouraged to complete the following prerequisites prior to application:

It is essential that complete, accurate information be furnished on the application. Individuals seeking entry into the professional programs or those admitted to the programs through falsified or misleading information may be dropped from consideration or dismissed from the programs.

Persons not enrolled at the University of Kentucky must complete applications to both the University of Kentucky and the professional program. Application materials are available from:

Clinical Leadership and Management

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Human Health Sciences

Medical Laboratory Science

Deadlines and specific application instructions are listed for each program in the descriptions which follow. Additional information for each program is available on their respective websites.

Graduate Programs

Students who want to earn advanced degrees in health sciences fields must be admitted to the University of Kentucky Graduate School. For complete information, students should refer to The Graduate School Bulletin or contact:

Graduate School Admissions
201 Gillis Building
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0033
fax: 859-323-5986

The College of Health Sciences offers graduate programs in the following areas: Athletic Training, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Physician Assistant Studies, and Rehabilitation Sciences; and a professional program in Physical Therapy.

Probation and Suspension

The probation and suspension rules for all students in the College of Health Sciences appear under Academic Requirements in the front section of this Bulletin and the Technical and Behavior Standards at: www.uky.edu/chs/currentstudents/ technical-standards-collegehealthsciences.

Background Checks and Drug Screens

The College of Health Sciences requires full background checks and drug screenings for all students. This has become necessary due to the increasing numbers of our affiliates (e.g., hospitals, schools, units) that are requesting drug testing for employees and students who are trained by them. The college works with a company called Castle Branch to meet these requirements. Students MUST complete these requirements via the Castle Branch system. Background checks and drug screens from other sources will NOT be accepted. The UK Castle Branch portal can be found at: https://uky-health.castlebranch.com/UK33. Select “Place order”. Students can expect to pay approximately $95 to the company. Information regarding this process will be provided and will need to be completed prior to the student’s start of applicable program. The student and the college will receive results shortly after the process is completed. If necessary, the student will have the opportunity to discuss or explain any discrepancies. Students failing to submit these documents will not be granted final acceptance into applicable program.

Students must understand that this background check and drug screening may not be the last or final request, as additional checks may be required by particular clinical sites, the program, and/or college. A “positive” result during one’s student tenure may lead to dismissal from the program - students are encouraged to be proactive in conversations about potential background check issues and should contact Tammy Jo Edge at Tammy.Edge@uky.edu for advisement with this matter. Costs associated with these tests will be the student’s responsibility.

Notice to All Applicants

Some programs will require a period of training off-campus in community facilities outside of Lexington.

Admissions, Recruitment and Academic Advising

Academic advising is available from the College of Health Sciences. Students should report to the Office of Student Affairs to be assigned an advisor. Detailed information on each program is detailed on each program’s website.

For academic advising and recruiting, contact:

Heather Hardesty, M.S.
Academic Advisor


Amy Karr, M.A.
Academic Advisor


Sarah Sheff, Ph.D.
Academic Advisor


William Bickers, B.A.
Director of Recruitment


Rebecca Serrano, MBA
Student Success and
Financial Wellness Coordinator


Casey Shadix, Ph.D.
Director of Advising

Baccalaureate Programs

College Graduation Requirements

To graduate with a Bachelor of Health Sciences or a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Health Sciences, a student must (1) satisfy UK Core requirements and (2) complete a minimum of 120 semester hours, including required courses in both the preprofessional and professional programs.

No active programs available.

Athletic Training and Clinical Nutrition

Go to information for this department.

No active programs available.

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Go to information for this department.


Bachelor of Health Sciences

Health and Clinical Sciences


Bachelor of Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science



Physical Therapy

No active programs available.

Physician Assistant Studies

No active programs available.