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2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



Fee Payment Policy

Upon registration and completion of the student consent and obligation form, you become financially obligated to the University of Kentucky. A student who reduces courses and/or officially withdraws from the university will be held liable for any unpaid student account balance and subject to the penalties imposed by the institution for financial delinquency.

Student Account Statements

Monthly student account statements will be generated, itemizing that month’s new charges and credits.  If required payment is not received by the due date, a late payment fee of 1.5 percent of the amount due will be assessed.

Financial Delinquency

The University of Kentucky expects students to be responsible in their financial obligations to the University or any department or division thereof. The University assesses student fees for various services, fines, and materials. Students are to be properly notified of amounts to be paid and designated payment due dates. After unsuccessful collection efforts by the department or division, the student is classified delinquent and the following may occur: financial holds, class cancellations, late fees, collection agency efforts, and denial of access to student services.

Late Registration Fee

All continuing students are expected to priority register each semester for the next semester. New students are assigned a specific date for registration. Any student who registers after the regular registration period will be charged a late registration fee of $40.


All auditors are charged the same fees they would pay for credit.

Internship Courses

Students taking internship courses (e.g., courses numbered 399) must register for the course during the term the internship is taken and pay all required semester fees. In no case shall students be allowed to defer registration and payment for summer internships to the following fall semester.

Zero-Credit Courses

Some University courses are offered for 0 credit hours. The fees for these courses are based on the number of hours per week the course meets, so that the cost of a 0-credit course which meets one hour per week is the same as the cost of a 1-credit course for a student in a particular classification (i.e., resident, nonresident, graduate, undergraduate). Zero-credit courses are counted as part of the student load for fee payment purposes and for purposes of issuing ID cards.

There is no fee for a course numbered 749, or 769, if the student is approved to take the 769 course for 0 credit hours. In a few departments zero-credit courses are actually laboratories which are a required part of another course. They are numbered separately for scheduling purposes, but no additional fee is charged.

Financial Ombud Services


The Financial Ombud Services office provides guidance and assistance to students who have encountered financial difficulties only after they have met with their University of Kentucky financial aid counselor. The Financial Ombud Services works with students individually to assist in student financial challenges affecting scheduled payments for tuition and fees to the university.

How can the Financial Ombud help me?

  • Provide a neutral and confidential setting to listen and identify tuition/fee payment and financial problems.
  • Explain student billing/deadline policies and procedures.

  • Assist students with Financial Aid problems and processes.

  • Assist students and parents who are experiencing financial hardships with establishing special payment arrangements.

  • Assist students who are unable to register for classes because of financial hardships.

  • Explain Financial Aid and Registration appeal processes and make referrals as needed.

  • Counsel and make recommendations and referrals for financial assistance.

When should I consult the Financial Ombud?

  • If you incur difficult financial problems that affect payment of your tuition, housing, and dining fees.

  • If you are considering withdrawing from and/or not attending the University of Kentucky due to financial problems.

Who do I contact?

Email: financialombud@lsv.uky.edu.

Health Care

For the regular fall and spring semesters, payment of the mandatory health fee by full-time students entitles them to medical and behavioral health care at University Health Service. Part-time students may pay the health fee or use the Health Service on a fee-for-service basis. The health fee is voluntary for all students for the summer session. Students are strongly advised to have health insurance to cover medical expenses incurred beyond those covered by the health fee. For more information on the health fee or the services provided, call 859-323-5823; or visit us at: www.ukhealthcare.uky.edu/uhs.

Wildcard Student ID

All students admitted to the University (both full-time and part-time) are expected to obtain a WildCard student ID. You must bring a government-issued photo ID when you come to get your WildCard. This is a permanent card that becomes valid each semester when fees are paid. The cost of a new WildCard is $20.00; replacing a lost WildCard is $35.00. We accept cash, credit (all except American Express), check, and plus account. The following information will help you understand your responsibility and how to fully utilize your WildCard ID. For additional information, visit our website at: https://www.uky.edu/wildcard.

  • Your WildCard ID is the official identification for class attendance and tests, the Student Employment office, and student elections.

  • Stop at a circulation desk at any campus library to activate the library barcode number and you can use your WildCard to check out books and materials. Students must have their WildCard student ID card to enter the William T. Young Library between 10 P.M. and 6 A.M.

  • The Plus Account is an optional debit program for University of Kentucky students. A Plus Account is automatically open and accessed as a feature of your WildCard student ID. The Plus Account is extremely flexible and widely used on campus and off campus for dining‚ bookstores‚ printing‚ copying‚ prescriptions‚ and much more. Residence Hall laundry and campus printing may only be accessed using a Plus Account.

  • The WildCard will access your Dining and Flex Accounts. Off-campus students may also purchase a Dining Plan.

  • The WildCard is your key to your residence hall.

  • Use your WildCard at University Health Service to pay for services not covered by the health fee, like vaccinations, medical equipment, or prescriptions in the student health pharmacy. Visit: www.ukhealthcare.uky.edu/uhs/ for more information.

  • Use your WildCard ID at the Singletary Center for the Arts, the Ticket Center and the Cat’s Den.

  • Pick up football and basketball tickets and use your WildCard ID for entry to other UK campus events.

  • You must have your WildCard for access to the Johnson Center‚ the Lancaster Aquatic Center‚ and to check out equipment.

  • Use your WildCard to open an account at the UK Federal Credit Union.

  • Get free unlimited access on all Lextran routes by showing your valid Wildcard ID when boarding Lextran buses.

  •  You even have the option to link your PNC account to your WildCard so you can use it to get cash with no fee at any PNC ATM. There’s no charge to link and it’s easy to do online. That’s one powerful card! For more information, visit a PNC Bank near you or www.pnc.com/uk.

  • PNC Bank helps make it easier for University of Kentucky students to keep track of their money. Virtual Wallet Student® provides interactive tools that help take the guessing game out of managing money - like easy ways to check balances online or through Text Message Banking and Alerts, you can set up to flag you or your parents when an account balance is low. Plus, with ATMs and branches conveniently located on or near the University of Kentucky campus, we’re here when you need us. For more detailed information on all the features of Virtual Wallet Student and banking at PNC, or to open an account, visit www.pnc.com/uk, stop by any PNC Bank branch, or call 1-877-PNC-1000 today.

  • Linking your WildCard to your PNC Bank accounts enables you to use your WildCard in ATMs only. Your PNC Bank account is a separate account from the Campus Meal Plan and plus account. PNC Bank, NA. Member FDIC.

If you lose your WildCard ID, report the loss immediately to the WildCard ID Office at 859-257-1378, 160 Avenue of Champions, Suite A380, Lexington, KY 40506; or the Plus Account Office at 859-257-6159. You can also cancel your card online at: www.uky.edu/plusaccount.

The WildCard ID Office is open Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. to 4:15 P.M.

Any financial charges/transactions made with this card are the responsibility of the student. The cost of a new WildCard is $20.00; replacing a lost WildCard is $35.00. We accept cash, credit (all except American Express), check, and plus account. The WildCard ID is the property of the University of Kentucky and must be surrendered upon request of authorized officials of the University.​

Personal Expenses

(not payable to the University)

Books and Supplies. Range from $400-$600 up, depending on the student’s major field of study and schedule of classes for the semester. Students may use their Plus Accounts for purchases at the University of Kentucky Bookstore. Plus Account deposits may be made at the following locations: online at www.uky.edu/plusaccount ($20 minimum; $2 convenience fee); the Plus Account Office ($20 minimum, no fee) 859-257-6159, between 8 A.M. and 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday; Student Account Services ($20 minimum, no fee); or DART machines in campus computing labs (cash only, any whole dollar amount, no fee). For more information about Plus Accounts, call 859-257-6159.

Laundry. UK’s washers and dryers are equipped with credit/debit card payment and mobile e-wallet systems such as Apple-Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Wallet. For convenience you may also download a mobile app to pay for laundry directly from your smartphone by scanning the machine QR codes. All apps are secure and PCI compliant.

You can start a machine in the following ways:

  • Swipe MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card on machine.
  • Use the smartphone app and scan the QR code on the machine.
  • Use an e-wallet app.

You can also monitor the availability and status of the machines either through a computer web portal or via your smartphone, as described below.

You can register and set up an account on your computer. After logging in, you will be able to:

  • See which machines are available for use.
  • Go to laundry room and swipe your payment card to start the machines.
  • Verify how much time is left for a cycle.
  • Get a text message or email when your laundry is finished.

You can register and set up an account on your smartphone by visiting the App Store or Google Play Store. The app also allows you to pay for your laundry from your smartphone by adding funds directly to your phone app. It allows you to:

  • See which machines are available for use.
  • Then open the app, scan the machine’s QR code, tap to start the machine
  • Verify how much time is left for a cycle.
  • Get a text message or email when your laundry is finished.

Students who may not have a debit/credit card or preloaded funds may purchase a MasterCard or Visa debit/credit card at the UK Bookstore, grocery or convenience stores. All washers and dryers are tagged with usage directions, and laundry information and instructions are posted in each laundry room.

Detergent: All laundry rooms are equipped with high Efficiency (HE) washing machines. Please be sure to use HE detergent only. When using soap PODs, please load the POD directly into the tub prior to adding your laundry.

Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawing from a Class

Prior to Semester Starting

If you wish to withdraw from a course prior to the semester starting you can use myUK.

Courses must be dropped PRIOR to the first day to avoid being charged a percentage of the tuition.

  1. Log into your myUK account
  2. Select the Student Services tab
  3. Select the Degree Planning and Registration (myUKGPS) tab
  4. Select the correct term in the upper right corner of the screen
  5. Click on Edit beside the course you wish to drop
  6. Click the red Drop This Course button in the upper right corner of the screen
  7. Click OK if you are sure you want to drop this course or select Cancel
  8. Make sure the class has been successfully dropped by going back to schedule

Students are required to pay a portion of the tuition for courses that are dropped on or after the first day of the course.

How to Access Course Deadlines and Refund Schedules

  1. Log into your myUK account
  2. Select the Student Services tab
  3. Select the Degree Planning and Registration (myUKGPS) tab
  4. Select the correct term in the upper right corner of the screen
  5. Select the course title under Registered Courses
  6. Course Deadlines and the Refund Schedule are located on the bottom of the pop-up window

Withdrawing from UK

Currently Enrolled Students

If you wish to withdraw from UK prior to the first day of the semester, you must drop all your courses through myUK. Withdrawing from all registered courses prior to the first day of the fall or spring semesters will result in your admission being withdrawn from the University of Kentucky for that semester and subsequent semesters. Students wishing to return to UK at a later date must submit a new application.

To completely withdraw from all classes on or after the first day of the semester (until each course’s listed withdrawal deadline), students should drop all but one course through myUK and then go to the Withdrawal Form to submit a withdrawal request. Withdrawal requests are processed within one business day and are effective from the date of submission. For any questions regarding withdrawal, please call 859-257-9535.

Withdrawing from Summer

Students may withdraw from any and all summer classes in myUK as long as they do so by the established deadlines. Click on the course on your home page of myuk GPS or click on the Section number in the course catalog to find all withdraw deadlines. To withdraw, log into myUK, go to the Student Services tab, then go to Degree Planning and Registration (myUK GPS). On the myUK GPS Home page, click the Edit button next to the class you wish to drop and follow the prompts to do so. If there is no Edit button, you have missed all deadlines to withdraw. For more information about summer school, please visit https://www.uky.edu/registrar/content/summer-sessions

Incoming Freshmen

If you are an incoming freshman who has decided to not attend the University of Kentucky, please notify the UK Admissions Office at admissions@uky.edu.

If you have scheduled an orientation date, please notify the Orientation Office at orientation@uky.edu.

If you have applied for housing, please notify UK Housing at ukhousing@uky.edu. Failure to notify their office may result in a cancellation fee. Their cancellation fee schedule can be found in the housing contract.

Refund and Fee Liability Policy

Tuition refunds or outstanding fee liabilities for students who officially withdraw through the Registrar’s Office, or who change their status from full-time to part-time or further reduce their part-time status through Add/Drop, will be made according to the following schedule. All dates are those designated in the official University Calendar.

Semester Students Who Withdraw By: Will Receive Refund/Reduction Will Continue to Owe
Fall 2022 August 21, 2022
August 26, 2022
September 21, 2022
Winter Intersession 2022-23 December 18, 2022
December 19, 2022
January 2, 2023
Spring 2023 January 8, 2023
January 13, 2023
February 8, 2023
Summer Session 2023 May 14, 2023

After last day to officially withdraw per University Calendar - No Refund

Refunds are based solely on the date of withdrawal, regardless of whether students attend any class(es). As required under section 484B of the Higher Education Act (HEA), to assure recovery of federal financial aid funds, a special refund schedule applies to those students receiving Title IV financial assistance who withdraw (officially or unofficially) during the academic term.

A student not paying tuition fees and subsequently leaving or officially withdrawing from school will be held liable for one-half of those fees. In the case of nonpayment, he or she will be declared delinquent subject to the penalties imposed by the institution for financial delinquency.

Questions concerning fee payment procedures may be directed to the Financial Ombud, 6 Funkhouser Building, email: financialombud@lsv.uky.edu. Questions concerning tuition refunds may be directed to the Registrar’s Office, Funkhouser Building, 859-257-7157.

Dining Costs 2022-2023

Dining will offer four dining plans – one minimum plan and three optional plans – to students living on-campus during 2022-2023. These dining plans provide from ten meals per week to unlimited servings per week. One block plan of 150 meals per semester is available only for Resident Assistants (RA).

Each dining plan also includes ‘Flex Dollars.’ Flex dollars can be used to purchase a la carte items at any of the 26 dining locations across campus. Flex Dollars may be carried over from the fall to spring semester.

Per Semester, Fall and Spring

Plan Flex Dollars Per Semester Price Per Semester
Minimum Plan (10 meals per week) $75.00 $1,747.00
All Access Blue $250.00 $2,249.00
All Access White* $400.00 $2,356.00
150 RA $500.00 $1,703.00

*Default Dining Plan.

Housing Rates 2022-2023

Residence Halls and Greek Housing 1

Residence Halls
Effective Fall 2022
Per Semester
Fall and Spring
2-Person Suite (UK University Inn and Wildcat Coal Lodge)  
    Per Person $4,059.00
2-Person Suite (P3 Converted RA Units)  
    Per Person $4,098.00
4-Person Suite (UK Premium Type A Units)  
  Per Person $3,979.00
4-Person Suite (P3 Type A Units – Donovan and Johnson)  
  Per Person $4,318.00
4-Person Suite (P3 Type A Units – Haggin)  
  Per Person $4,371.00
2-Bedroom Suite (P3 Type B Units)  
          Per Person $4,982.00
2-Bedroom Suite (UK Premium – Wildcat Coal Lodge)  
          Per Person $4,922.00
4-Bedroom Suite (P3 Type C Units)  
  Per Person $5,211.00
2-Bedroom Deluxe Suite (P3 Type D Units)  
  Per Person $5,489.00
4-Bedroom, 2-Bath Apartment (P3 Type E Units - University Flats) 2  
  Per Person $5,533.00
2-Bedroom, 2-Bath Apartment (P3 Type F Units - University Flats) 2  
     Per Person $5,634.00
UK Greek  
  Double $3,355.00
  Single $5,033.00
Additional Break Housing Fees  
  Blazer, Smith, Wildcat Coal Lodge, and Woodland Glen IV 3 $90.00
Early Move-in Daily Rate Per Day

UK Apartment Housing

Graduate Housing Per Month,
Effective July 1, 2022
University Flats Graduate (P3)  
  Studio $1,088.00
  1-Bedroom $1,215.00
Greg Page Stadium View Family Apartments (UK)  
  2-Bedroom $834.00
Shawneetown (UK)  
  Efficiency $646.00
  1-Bedroom $748.00
  2-Bedroom $834.00
Lexington Theological Seminary (UK)  
625 South Limestone  
  Efficiency $646.00
  1-Bedroom $748.00
  2-Bedroom $847.00
633 Maxwelton Court  
  Townhome $1,115.00
Roselle (Graduate – UK)  
  Single Room $620.00
441 Rose Lane (UK)  
       Efficiency $633.00
       2-Bedroom $1,200.00
Specialty Apartments  
German House (UK)  
  Single Room $712.00
  1-Bedroom Apartment $819.00
Specialty Apartments (UK)  
  1-Bedroom (Patterson Hall) $797.00
    Daily Rate $45.00
  Studio 1-Bedroom (Patterson Hall) $881.00
    Daily Rate $45.00
  2-Bedroom (Roselle and Ingels) $1,137.00
    Daily Rate $60.00

UK Summer School Housing

Effective Summer 2023

12-Week Summer School Session
  2-Bedroom Suite $2,364.00
  1-Bedroom Suite $2,871.00
Monthly Summer Housing 4  
  2-Bedroom Suite $788.00
  1-Bedroom Suite $957.00
Daily Rate  
  2-Bedroom Suite $27.00
  1-Bedroom Suite $32.00

1 University-constructed housing is prefixed with ‘UK’. Housing constructed and managed as part of the public-private partnership is prefixed with ‘P3’.

2 University Flats and Boyd Hall are available during all academic recesses of the University (August 22, 2022 to May 5, 2023) to accommodate students who require housing during these periods. University Flats does not require a dining plan to be purchased as each unit is furnished with a kitchen.

3 Additional break housing fees for Blazer, Smith, Wildcat Coal Lodge, and Woodland Glen IV to accommodate students who require housing during all academic recesses of the University (August 22, 2022 to May 5, 2023).

4 Monthly Summer Housing is available during summer break – in a designated summer housing building – for students enrolled in the preceding spring term or the following fall term, but not enrolled in summer school.

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