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2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music - Composition, MM

The School of Music offers a Master of Music (M.M.) degree in composition. The program currently focuses on traditional composition, but electro-acoustic music is offered as an option and may at some point in the future be offered as a separate program. 


Admission Requirements 

The applicant for the master’s degree is expected to have earned an appropriate undergraduate degree and successfully interview with the composition faculty during the semester prior to admission. Students should submit a portfolio of at least three compositions in a variety of media (traditional and/or electroacoustic). All composition applicants must take the Graduate Entrance Exams in written and aural music theory, and those interested in applying for a teaching assistantship in music theory must also successfully complete an audition-interview with the theory and composition faculty to assess sight-reading, sight-singing, and keyboard fluency. To ensure full consideration, both the exams and the audition-interview should be completed during the audition-weekend period of the semester prior to admission. 

Entrance Requirements  

Applicants must meet the entrance requirements of The Graduate School as well as those of the School of Music. Entrance exams in Music History and Music Theory (written and aural) are given prior to the course-add deadline at the beginning of the semester to determine whether review classes are necessary in the first semester of study. Students must pass the entrance exams or pass any required review classes with a grade of A or B before accumulating 12 credit hours. 


Degree Requirements  

General Requirements for Master of Music Degree   

At least fifty percent of all course credits must be at the 600 level or above.   

Master of Music (Composition)   

Prerequisite: Submission of three original compositions (as described in admission requirements).   

  • Advanced Composition (MUS 673 ) (4)   
  • Orchestration (MUS 570  and MUS 571 ) (4)   
  • Music History and Literature (6)   
  • Theory (including a minimum of one course from: MUS 670 , MUS 671 , MUS 672 , or MUS 676 ) (9)   
  • Directed Electives (1)   
  • Thesis Composition (6)   

Total (30)   

For the Master of Music degree in Composition, an original composition of major proportions or a portfolio of original compositions with a combined total of at least thirty minutes duration, acceptable to the composition-theory faculty and publicly performed, must be submitted with a written document (15 to 25 pages) analyzing the thesis composition or portfolio. The student is responsible for the preparation of legible score and parts, arranging a performance, and/or suitable recordings (if in electroacoustic medium).