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2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Linguistic Theory and Typology, MA

The MA in Linguistic Theory & Typology (MALTT) offers training by a world class faculty in theoretical frameworks for approaching descriptive, historical, and sociolinguistic data with a special focus on how grammatical features are distributed across the world’s languages. Emphasis is given to language modeling and analysis through computational and quantitative methods. In addition to providing invaluable intellectual preparation for doctoral studies in linguistics, the MALTT program prepares students for careers in high-tech industries, text-based consultancies in law and medicine, and jobs in government agencies. 


Admission Requirements

We welcome students with a BA/BS major or minor in Linguistics. Students with degrees in cognate disciplines are also welcome to apply but will have to take an introductory course in linguistics prior to enrollment. We run such a course as a summer online course. Minimum GPA is 3.3. Funded positions are available (TA, RA) on a competitive basis. 


Degree Requirements

Students take 30 hours of LIN course work and complete a thesis. The course work must include at least 15 hours taken at the 600 or 700 level. Mandatory courses are LIN 601 RESEARCH METHODS IN LINGUISTICS  and LIN 701 RESEARCH SEM IN LIN THEORY AND TYPOLOGY . All students must take a syntax course (LIN 512 LIN 622  or LIN 712  ) and a phonology course (LIN 515 LIN 615  or LIN 715  ). Students must also take a course in either morphology (LIN 505 LIN 605 LIN 705 ) or a course in phonetics (LIN 500 LIN 600  or LIN 700  ). The thesis component consists of a written research project and oral examination. The thesis must be approved by a committee of three faculty.