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2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art Studio, MFA

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Art Studio is the terminal academic degree for studio artists and the required faculty credential for most institutions of higher learning. In addition to being fully qualified to teach at the college-level, MFA graduates will possess the skills to pursue careers in commercial venues or as full-time practicing fine artists. Students enrolled in the MFA program are encouraged to explore inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary mediums or concentrate upon a single media dependent upon the direction of their research.  


Admission Requirements  

While a B.A. or B.F.A. in studio art is the preferred preparatory degree for the M.F.A. program, students from a variety of educational backgrounds may apply. The determinate factor inadmittance to the program will be the quality of the submitted artwork.  

Application Procedures 

The Graduate School, which is the administrative unit for all graduate students, and the Art Studio graduate program, which is responsible for the academic curriculum, require different application materials.  

Application for admission to the Graduate School requires:  

  • A completed application form for the Graduate School (on-line application form available at http:// gradschool.uky.edu.  
  • One official transcript from all institutions previously attended.  
  • TOEFL scores and/or IELTS scores if an international student.  
  • Application fee.  
  • An electronic portfolio of 20 recent artworks sent as a .pdf with an image key with title, date, size, and medium for each submitted work as part of that document. (maximum resolution 8” x 10” x 72 dpi - NO PowerPoint presentations). This portfolio is to be uploaded as one document under the “Portfolio”; submission button. If your files are too large, please resize them. If sending timebased materials (such as video), please include a link to your work on a website such as vimeo, personal site, or YouTube.  
  • A brief letter stating your goals for graduate study and your interest in being considered for an assistantship, fellowship, and or internship and can be uploaded using the “Personal Statement” submission button. A writing sample is not required ignore the prompt.  
  • A brief resumé uploaded via the CV submission prompt  
  • Three letters of recommendation


Degree Requirements

The M.F.A. degree will be awarded on the completion of 60 hours of graduate course work. Of these, 30 hours must be at or above the 600 level and 40 hours must be in regularly scheduled graduate courses (excludes the following course types: research, independent study, practicum, residency): 


  • MFA Thesis - A total of 6 credits of A-S 799 M.F.A. STUDIO THESIS PROJECT  are required for the preparation and successful completion of a final one-person M.F.A. exhibition of studio work.  

Other Requirements  

  • Up to 9 credit hours in related graduate courses may be taken outside the School of Art and Visual Studies or elsewhere in the University.  

  • A foreign language is not required, and the M.F.A. degree is offered only according to Plan B.