Sep 26, 2023  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Media Arts and Studies, B.A.

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The media arts and studies major offers students a liberal arts program covering a range of issues related to electronic mass communication and electronic personal communication. In addition, students interested in message production or media management can opt to integrate selected professional or skills-based courses into their program of study.

Socio-cultural media courses address the historical, political and social aspects of variegated forms of media communications. Media industry courses examine organizational, economic, and/ or technological dimensions of telecommunications systems and the interrelations among these factors. These courses may center on mass communication issues, interactive communication issues, or both.

Media production courses cover the traditional telecommunications areas of audio and video production and the more recent developments in multimedia, videogame and Web design and production.

All media arts and studies majors will take advantage of the experiential learning opportunity provided by a formal internship. The School of Journalism and Media has an excellent internship program which offers the opportunity to work with a wide variety of employers, including companies oriented to the provision of voice, data, and/ or video products and services. In addition, students may pursue special interests in media arts and studies through independent study with any of the media arts and studies professors.

Degree Requirements

Each student completes the following:

College B.A. Requirements


Complete one of the following sequences:

Option A:

Successful completion of the fourth college semester of one foreign language. (Note: This may be accomplished by scoring at this level on a placement test for previous work in the foreign language.)

Option B:

Complete a set of two courses dealing with the nature and structure of language, language behavior, or comparativelanguages. This set shall be comprised of one course from Group I below, and one course from Group II. (Courses counted as meeting this option may not be counted in the major or field of concentration.)

Major Requirements

Students must complete the departmental requirements for one of the five majors (communication, information communication technology, integrated strategic communication, journalism, or media arts and studies).

Subtotal: College B.A. Hours: 9-17

UK Core Requirements

See the UK Core section of this Bulletin for the complete UK Core requirements . The courses listed below are (a) recommended by the college, or (b) required courses that also fulfill UK Core areas. Students should work closely with their advisor to complete the UK Core requirements.

I. Intellectual Inquiry in Arts and Creativity

II. Intellectual Inquiry in the Humanities

III. Intellectual Inquiry in the Social Sciences

IV. Intellectual Inquiry in the Natural, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences

V. Composition and Communication I

VI. Composition and Communication II

VII. Quantitative Foundations

Choose one of the following:

IX. Community, Culture and Citizenship in the USA

X. Global Dynamics

UK Core hours: 30-31

Graduation Composition and Communication Requirement (GCCR)

Graduation Composition and Communication Requirement (GCCR): 4-6

Subtotal: Premajor hours: 9

plus 24 hours from the following:


Students must complete a minor offered through UK, with the exception of minors in Journalism Studies or Media Arts and Studies.

Subtotal: Major hours: 36

TOTAL HOURS: minimum of 120


Of a student’s total course work for a bachelor’s degree, 72 of the 120 hours required for graduation must be in courses other than professional media-based communications.

† At the time of publication, this course had not received formal approval.

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